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An Elevated Standard of Fabric Care

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Prestige owns and operates one of the most cutting-edge, environmentally friendly dry cleaning facilities in NYC. In 2024 Prestige expanded its service area to extend its offerings to the Miami area and southeastern corridor of Florida.

Most cleaners will outsource their cleaning to impersonal third-party wholesalers. At Prestige, we operate differently—we are continually reinvesting in our company’s practices and elevating our cleaning services and customer support.

We are unique in that we combine on-demand technology with hand-inspected quality control procedures and eco-friendly cleaning products and processes. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust Prestige to care for your fine apparel!
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Dry Cleaning
Our multi-step process includes stain identification and pre-treatment, and environmentally friendly solutions for gentle cleaning.

Regular dry cleaning not only helps your clothes look better but also prolongs their lifespan. When it comes to caring for your most valued fabric items, look no further than Prestige.  


Laundered Shirts
Our shirt laundering process ensures you look your very best, every day. At Prestige, your shirts receive comprehensive stain treatment, careful washing, and thorough pressing. Once cleaned, we attend to details like broken or loose buttons and extra threads. As the final step, we offer you the choice of a folded or hung shirt. Don’t take chances—trust us to give your shirts the VIP treatment!

Wash & Fold
For busy individuals, families, and professionals, our laundry services provide time-saving benefits, ensuring your clothing is cleaned and folded perfectly. With the utmost care, items are separated and washed according to fabric, meaning that colors stay bright, whites stay white, and your most delicate items remain in perfect condition. There is simply nothing better than receiving neatly folded clothing that’s ready to be put away.

Wedding Gown Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation
Before your big day, give your wedding dress the care it deserves by bringing it to be cleaned by our expert staff. We meticulously steam and attend to the beautiful details on your dress and ensure you shine bright on your wedding day.

Transform that yellowing vintage gown into the bright white garment of your dreams. Our specialized technique restores well-loved wedding gowns to their original, snowy white beauty.

Heirlooming & Preservation:
To maintain the beauty of your wedding gown after the glow of your big day has passed, it’s essential to have it cleaned to remove body oils, dirt, and stains. Our process is gentle on beading, embroidery, and lace. We follow the advice of museum conservators and pack your clean garment in acid-free boxes and tissue to keep it safe from the elements. Christening and Communion gowns are cleaned and preserved in the same manner. 


Seasonal Storage
For those who prefer to keep their treasured items in a secure location or want to adapt their wardrobe to the changing seasons, we offer storage at our facility. Prestige Garment Care seasonal storage is like having your own, spacious, secret closet. We can store your bulky winter coats, formal attire, and vacation sets, and when you are ready to add your seasonal or special event garments back into your wardrobe, simply request to have them delivered at your convenience. 

Custom Tailoring
When you invest time and money in your wardrobe, you want your apparel to fit like a glove. Our onsite tailors work wonders to turn your garments into custom-fitted perfection. From adjusting the hem on a pair of slacks to giving new life to a vintage coat, Prestige’s talented tailors and seamstresses will make your vision a reality, every time.

Leather & Suede Cleaning
Fine leather and suede are luxury textiles. Over time, these garments lose color and natural oils evaporate, resulting in creases and dryness. Prestige combats this natural deterioration by adding oils and pigments during the restoration process. Extend the life of your leather and suede items by bringing your leather and suede to us for regular upkeep.

Fur Care & Storage
Preserve and protect your fur with regular, professional cleanings and a luxurious glaze treatment to impart a glamorous sheen after cleaning. Keep your fur from getting jostled in your closet by storing it in one of Prestige's temperature-controlled vaults. Regular maintenance and care will ensure that your fur stays plush and sumptuous for generations to come.

Tablecloths & Bed Linens
Beautiful fabrics make a house a home. Nothing beats the feel of freshly washed and pressed bed linens, especially when we add the perfect level of starch (your choice, of course!). We clean comforters, quilts, pillow shams, blankets, couch throws, and duvet covers, in addition to keeping your bed sheets pressed and washed.

Drapery & Fabric Blind Cleaning
Clean drapery and curtains will bring out the freshness in any room of your house. Our professional cleaning will remove layers of dust, stains, and odors from your drapes or fabric blinds. They’ll look so good after we work with them, you might even think you’ve gotten new ones!


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We understand the value of convenience in your busy life. That's why we offer complimentary pickup and next-day delivery directly to the front desk Concierge at over 85 different properties. Experience the ease of Prestige—where excellence in fabric care meets the convenience of doorstep service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out whether we service your property.

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