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Couture Garment Care

At Prestige, we take immense pride in setting the highest standard for fabric care in the New York City and Miami areas. Unlike many competitors who rely on impersonal third-party wholesalers, our entire textile cleaning process is managed under our direct supervision. This meticulous approach guarantees the utmost in quality cleaning and sustainable environmental practices tailored to the specific needs of each garment. With over three decades of industry experience, you can place your complete trust in Prestige for all your fabric care needs, from your everyday attire to your most exquisite apparel.

In addition to eco-friendly GreenEarth® dry cleaning and professional laundering, our services encompass a range of specialties. We offer meticulous cleaning and heirlooming services for wedding gowns, dedicated care for leather, suede, and furs, and expert custom tailoring from our extensively trained tailors and seamstresses.

And at Prestige, we're not just about enhancing your wardrobe—we're about elevating your entire living experience. That's why we also provide exclusive options for your living space, including specialized cleaning for household fabrics and convenient seasonal storage solutions for clothing, rugs, draperies, and more. And as an added convenience, we offer the benefit of cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly mobile site that allows you to effortlessly track the status of your items from intake to drop-off.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art dry cleaning facility.

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Residential Housekeeping

Prestige presents an expansive array of services meticulously designed to elevate and maintain your living space. Our offerings illustrate the perfect balance of luxury and convenience, catering to both the busy urban professional and the meticulous home economist. Our services embody environmentally-conscious "Green Clean" values and include hotel-style maid services, new move-in cleanings, and dedicated appliance and cabinet maintenance, all tailored to suit your unique requirements. With specialized services such as window cleaning, area rug and carpet cleaning, and upholstery rejuvenation, we ensure every corner of your home remains fresh and inviting.

We confidently distinguish ourselves from the many competitors who rely on impersonal contractual dispatching services that send unknown personnel to your home. Every one of our professional maids undergoes rigorous training, carries full bonding and insurance, dons a professional uniform, and proudly displays a Prestige Identification Card. We also personally match you with the most suitable housekeeper to accommodate your unique needs and schedule. This personalized approach, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, forms the foundation of our accountability and empowers us to deliver the most dependable and gratifying housekeeping service available.

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Certified Green Cleaning

At Prestige, environmental responsibility is at the core of our values, and we integrate sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies into every facet of our garment care and housekeeping processes. We proudly employ Green Seal Certified® products in all of our home cleanings and rely on the eco-friendly GreenEarth® solvent for our dry cleaning operations. This commitment to sustainability is reinforced by our certification from the NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation, a recognition we've held since 1999, reflecting our expertise in environmental dry cleaning technology.

Prestige stands at the forefront of environmental innovation and boasts the honor of pioneering NYC's very first all-electric delivery fleet, leading the charge in reducing emissions and setting the standard for sustainable cleaning practices in the city. As we continue to offer unparalleled convenience and deliver an unrivaled cleaning experience to your home and wardrobe, you, as our discerning client, become an active participant in crafting a greener future.

Contact us, and we can pick up your dry cleaning refuse such as hangers, plastic, tissue paper, and have it all recycled accordingly.

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